Sponsorship & Partnership Opportunities

We have some exciting sponsorship opportunities to partner with one of the premier golf clubs in Northern Ireland over the coming year.

Sponsorship benefits include the following;

As a sponsor you will receive two four-balls for use at any time during the year.

You may display or distribute your company documentation or advertising within the club and may erect signage or banners around the course prior to the sponsorship date.

Three digital advertising screens within the clubhouse (foyer, shop, and members lounge) will display your company logo or strap-lines or both in any combination in a single-page advertisement.  Sponsorship advertising will remain in place for one year.

Subject to your permission, a hyperlink can be installed from Rockmount Golf Club’s website to your website in order to maximise your profile.

All Rockmount Golf Club advertising in respect of the competition will include your company name.

Your company/business name will be included in any press releases issued by the club.

Sponsorship options;

Saturday competition £300
Club Championship £500
Open Week £500

We also have a digital screen only option at a cost of £50 (Does not include four ball benefit)

If you would be interested in one of our sponsorship opportunities, please contact us on 02890 812279 or comms@rockmountgolfclub.com