Captains Day & Associates Day Prize Winners

Congratulation to all of the winners of Mr Gordon Goodfellow’s captains day prizes

PrizeWinners (More pictures will be added when available)
1st David Mann 43pts
2nd Mark Stewart 41pts
3rd Frank Wallace 38pts
4th Gavin Neill 38pts
5th Gearard Smyth 38pts
Gross Jacob Leaker 75
Back 9 Thomas McCreery
Front 9 Christopher Duggan
NTP 16 James McCune
NTP 9 Ryan Wilson
LD 7th (0-16) Michael Jamison
LD 10th (17+) Neil Harrison
Past Captains Glenn Willis
Committee Michael Carson
Founders Paul Mearns
Ladies 1st Anne Wynne
Ladies 2nd Hilda Beamish
Junior’s prize Thomas Crawford
Associates 1st Prize Philip Greenwood
Associates 2nd Prize Andrew Neagle
Associates NTP Paul Young
Associates LD David Hilary
Visitors Wesley McCullough
Best Dressed Golfer David Shuttleworth